Willow Hill Gate

We have been busy installing our new solar powered gates which have been very popular with our customers! We have even installed one on our own gate for Willow Hill Farm (featured in picture).

The solar driven gate opening system can be operated from either direction by passing pre-programmed movement sensors or using wireless key fobs. When activated the gate will open for a set amount of time after which it will automatically close. The gates will not close if the access route is obstructed, by using break beam sensors mounted either side of the gate entrance to stop the gates closing on a vehicle or person.

The solar powered system can easily be installed to pre-existing farm gates. You can have remote access with the key fobs, meaning that the gate can be open by the time you have driven up to it. We can also install a timer to the gate so it can only be opened at certain times of day. We are well aware that the climate in the UK is not always predictable, but these gates are designed to work in the height of summer and the gloomiest of winters.

If you would like more information on the solar powered gates then please give us a call on 01242 222878 and ask for James or Brittany or email sales@fencingbritain.co.uk.Solar Powered Gate

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