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Recruiting ex servicemen

  Meet Gareth, who led a distinguished career in the Services and has recently joined our Fencing Britain Land Army. Gary, from Hereford, typifies the talent we see in ex servicemen. Hard working, loyal, tough, keen to face down any challenge and committed to working as a team. We recognise the struggle it can be to find suitable work on...
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Stock Fencing in Pennines

Derbyshire Fencing Contractors
We have just completed stock fencing a farm near Buxton in Derbyshire. Bleak, windswept and wet (and this was in July!),  the terrain posed its own challenges. However, our tracked post driver and experienced team completed the project on time and in budget.   stock fencing,post,rail,derby,buxton,contractors Read more

Farm Fencing Teams

  We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to supply stock fencing for the Brackenburgh Estate in Penrith.  We are removing and installing thousands of metres of stock fencing in July and August. For larger jobs like this our farm teams stay on site in mobile accommodation. The fencing was required after the Cumbria floods earlier in the year which...
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Stock Fencing

With our range of Protech post hammer equipment, mini diggers and an experienced crew, we can efficiently replace stock fencing. For larger projects (multiple fields or farms) we will stay on or near site until the job is completed....
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