Solar Powered CCTV System

Picture of CCTV cameraWe are happy to introduce our new solar powered CCTV system! Affordable and reliable 24 hour surveillance systems that can be installed remotely and independently of any electricity or WiFi. The security system includes entry detection, motion tracking, wireless connectivity and remote access to make you feel more secure in your home.

Solar powered CCTV systems are ideal for farmyards, stables, remote compounds, driveways and entrances. They can also be fitted alongside our Jeff Adams solar powered gates or a pre-existing gate.

We pre-install the electrics in a lockable weatherproof fiber glass cabinet box that is mounted on the solar panel rig. This includes:

  • Control board
  • Solar charge regulation (pulse modulation and step charging for all weathers)
  • 1 x 12v 34ah deep cycle leisure battery

Features include

  • Snapshot imaging- The system can send a picture to an email on every movement
  • Integrated movement sensor and LED floodlight- Automatically illuminates the zone and turns camera mode from night vision to day vision on censoring movement at night
  • Low running costs- System preconfigured with and EE 12 month contract, 2GB of data allowance per month. The data usage can be monitored using an EE app. Data used only when using the app.
  • Extendable- The system allows up to 3 further camera’s from this unit.

If you are interested or would like more information on the CCTV system please call us on 01242 222878 or email sales@fencingbritain.co.uk