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Land and livestock are expensive but too often fencing is bought on the cheap. The fencing industry is awash with poorly treated post and rail. If only we had a pound for every farmer or landowner complaining to us their old fencing is failing after five years….

With the cost of timber ever increasing, the industry has suffered the same fate as our chocolate bars: same names but less for you money! There is a huge difference in tanalised products depending on the species and the treatment plant. Too often contractors will use the cheapest spruce machine rounds sold with too much moisture and poor treatment penetration.

However, I believe landowners are getting wise. A quick fix fence invariably ends up being an expensive fence line.

“We are now seeing mixed and cattle farms turning to this technology”

Although we still supply and install lots of post and rail, we are now the UK’s leading supplier and installer of Horserail®, one of several types of vinyl fencing on the market. Last year we experienced a surge in demand, and no longer just for paddocks.

These systems are already big across USA and Australia. Here in the UK the initial adopters have been the equestrian audience. We are now seeing mixed and cattle farms turning to this technology.

The fence is made of five-inch wide vinyl that is stretched between, and coated around, three high tensile wires. It is a continuous rail that is installed with brackets on each post that allows the rail to slide. The rail is then stretches tight just like a standard high tensile wire fence.

The initial cost of such a fence is slightly higher than a post and rail fence constructed with cheap timber, but the payback is quick. Each rail has a breaking strain of 1.8 tonnes, and comes with a limited manufacturer’s warrantee of 30 years. It is available in three colours: black, brown and white. We recommend installing our creosote posts that themselves come with a similar guarantee to create one long term solution.

The posts are spaced 4m apart. All fencing will have a top height of 1200mm and will follow the contour of the ground. We can also supply and install an electrics system which includes individual cut-off switches for each field and excavation of the ground to insert the wires through insulators to connect up to the mains. We can even supply and install inexpensive remote controlled electrified field gates off the circuit!

There are various combinations. Some customers opt for a stock net netting with one line of Horserail®. Some combine vinyl panels with Hotecote®, a colour matched vinyl coated metal strand as the tope line.

Key Benefits of Vinyl & Creosote Systems

  • Substantial long term savings
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed
  • Safer for livestock (no risk of injury)
  • Optional electrification
  • Trespass deterrent
  • Incredibly smart

Postsaver Sleeves

By fitting Postsaver fence post sleeves to the vulnerable ground line section of posts you can keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that new non creosote fence line can potentially also last for many, many years.

You or our own teams can quickly & easily apply with a blow torch on site. It is also compatible with all our post and pole installation methods including dig & back fill, power drive and concreting.

Judge For Yourself – Ask for a Cost Comparison

We were founded by farmers wanting choice and value, and now supply and install across the UK. Let us know your fencing requirements and we will provide you options and life expectancy comparisons.

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